This unfamiliar road

I move out tomorrow. TOMORROW PEOPLE. Harumph.
And the harsh reality that I won't be coming home to my own comfy bed and a home-cooked meal made by madre everyday is setting in with a twinge of anxiety, fear, and anticipation all wrapped up in a little burrito. Within the past couple of days, there are things that happen at my house that I realize are very important to me; they're the things I will miss the most, such as:

-Coming home from a long day of work, and crashing on the couch downstairs to watch Dance Mom's or Hawaii Five-O reruns with the madre.
-Falling asleep on said couch and waking up at 1 am to go back upstairs to my real bed.
-Watching YouTube videos with Andy till we die laughing.
-Playing Guitar Hero with Shankapottamus.
-Impromptu trips for food to Wendy's or Cafe Rio or pizza with the big brother because we're hungry.
-Driving home after school and seeing Nacho rolling around on the concrete front step because he's stupid.
-Hot tubbing till 3 a.m. with my best friend.
-Working on sewing projects with madre.
-My mom telling me to clean my room about 50 times a day.
-Answering the phone and people thinking it's madre, so they continue their conversation as I try hopelessly to correct them.
-The construction on Quail. Oh wait, no I won't...
-Being able to drop everything I'm doing and instantaneously go babysit the chilluns when Shan texts me. I've essentially watched them grow up and I don't want to miss out on anything.
-Crazy family parties/dinners
-Family band practice.
-Teaching my primary class.
-Sunday pot roast dinners.
-Mom always knowing which drug I should take to feel better.
-Mom editing my papers when I can't take school anymore.
-DI Thursdays with Snels.
-Playing my clarinet basically everyday.
-Sitting on my deck, reading a book and trying to sun tan because I think since I live on a mountain, I'm closer to the sun and more likely to get brown (which btdubs isn't always true)
-My mom saying, "Oooooh, I like that song. Can you get that for me for free?"
"Why, yes Mom. Of course I can."
-Random family conversations where we all end up making fun of each other.
-Kevin being the only laughing at my jokes and comments because he's the only one apparently who thinks I'm funny.
-Heart to hearts with Lt. Dan.
-The fact that no one around me will know what COS means (change of subject, beeteeduubs)

Hey guess what? We're all still best friends. Even since freshman year.

good thing we grew up or something like that.....


  1. We can have heart to hearts over skype.....it just wont be the same.