I'm gonna make this place your home

I've been so excited for freedom, for liberation.
And I got my first taste today.
However, it started with a moment of anxiety. We packed the boxes in the car and drove 5 minutes down the road which ended up seeming like eternity. Passed all the familiar sights, Timpview, Days, the MTC, the temple, and then we finally ended up in the parking lot. And I kid you not, I was holding back tears. In a moment of weakness, I was milliseconds away from telling my mom to turn the car around and unpack everything and get a refund for it all. I can't do this, I thought. I just. Can't. Do. This.
Reality hit me like Chuck Norris gave me a high five. I didn't want to give up my childhood. Because I realized that from this point forward, I really am not a child anymore. But as I settled down and got everything (mostly) unpacked, I got a hold on life. It won't be easy, that's for sure, but I've done harder things and I can work through this.

I don't know why this matters at all, but I just thought this was pretty funny due to the fact that I was probably the most excited of anyone in the world to move out and rebel and stick it to the man and not listen to my parents, and I almost called it all off. Anywho, continue on with life and go back to your business, because I know the rest of the world already has.

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