cursed people

Well this is embarrassing....

I made such a big deal out of it and now it doesn't matter anyways.
I'm in.
But I don't feel like I deserved it.
People tell me otherwise, but it'll take a while for me to believe them.
I even considered not auditioning for the cougar band for like a whole two hours.
And then, dejavu happened, again.
I got a text from da father.
"there was a mix up. you are in. congrats!"


what was I supposed to say?
i dunno.
so now I'm slightly pissed.
and embarrassed.
I've had so much love and support.
like 3 people have sent me suuuuuper long texts of love and support and they cheered me up tremendously.
they have no idea.

I love my friends.

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