Aubrey Noelle

This post is dedicated to the lovely Aubrey Noelle Snelson.

Aubrey was one of my first friends in Utah, and that friendship has never broken.

She is one of the most genuine, caring, loving, kindest, confident, spunky, and crazy girls I know.
Not to mention hottt ;)
The first thing she asks me when she sees me every day is how I am, and I know she cares. We are always talking about boys and boys and school, and drama....and boys. She's willing to listen to my life stories, help me with problems, and give advice. She's willing to make random Jamba runs after school and belt out Forget About the Boy. I admire her confidence in life and I respect her so much. I don't know what I would do without my Aurbrey (misspelling intentional).

After a long facebook stalking sesh, I collected my favorite pictures of us.
and I'm 78% sure she's reading this now. If you are Aubs, I LOVE YOU.
Marry me?

be prepared for massive amounts of pictures. But who doesn't love pictures?

Same english class in 7th grade. Fate? Prolly
She loved me even in my awkward phases.

We play dress up together.

Typical. Her gorgeous smile and my awkardness

This happens quite often.

She can rock any headgear

We are "one"-der twins

She invites me to her 16th birthday party and what do I give her?
Swedish fish
But she knows it's because I love her

We almost get kicked out of Icing

We have dance parties

We strike hot poses

We bake her cakes for her real 16th birthday because we luv her

We go to stake dances together and our 50's attire

We are in the same group for date dances.
I think it's safe to say that we are the coolest in this picture

We go on facebook during English class and take pictures

We go to lunch together

I go to her 18th birthday party.
Sadly she can't touch me anymore since she's an adult.

We go all out for football games.

We go trick or treating together.

We go on dates together.
Not together, but with other men, together....

And this beauty.
This is my favorite picture of us. 

I'm sure there will be many more to come. Because dis gurl is mah best fwend.

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  1. Oh golly gee willikers, why are you so cute?
    I love you darling :) I love US.
    Let's just wear pajama's and watch cheesy movies together.
    Just, stop being in Hawaii, and we'll play.
    Kay thanks.
    Loved you in heaven, love you now, and love you for an eternity.
    "I've seen that face before...."