Little wonders

So it has been brought to my attention by a certain special friend that I may or may not be sounding emo. And I do admit the past few posts have been a bit...depressing. But I swear I'm as happy as can be. I just have some inner frustration that needs to be vented somewhere :)

So to do a 180 turn, here are the little things in the past few days that I am thankful for (since it is the month of Thanksgiving and all)

-Today when Laura's phone went off in Symphonic Band. The best part being her ringtone was "Kissin U" by Miranda Cosgrove. Priceless

-Today in English when Rachel threw an animal cracker into my mouth. And it made it. On the first try. BOOM.

-Yesterday when Emily took me out to lunch and we saw DF at Costco and we had interesting conversations about Christmas music and churros. And we awkwardly danced at stoplights for cars next to us to see.

-Clintons awkwardness. I bet it's quite entertaining to watch us attempt rumba. Like when he's supposed to caress my face, he ends up looking like a magician and then we both end up laughing for 10 minutes straight.

-Hobby Lobby. And the things you can get there. Like craft projects that include making pink zebra fabric scrap flip flops. I don't care if it's 30 degrees outside, I WILL wear them one day soon

-Today when that same special friend mentioned above asked if I was alright. It made me feel cared about and special and loved and other warmth bringing things. Thank you. You know who you are.

-Missionary letters that bring a good example to my life.

-Random outbreaks of Saturdays Warrior songs and quotes with my twin all throughout the day. Which brought inspiration for the start of a Saturdays Warrior club next year that I will be in charge of. Thank you very much.

-Ugly sweaters are pretty cool. I don't know why. But they are.

-The fall colors are gorgeous and for some reason I haven't exactly noticed their awesomeness until this year. I have a never-ending quest to find someone who wants to rake the leaves outside the band room with me and jump in them 6 bajillion times or until we're too tired so we go home and bake banana bread. Or macaroni and cheese (only because I'm craving it at the moment). Oh, and possibly document the adventure because it would be soo worth it.

-Coco Chanel. I can always play my clarinet and be happy. The end.

-The fact that tomorrow I will get out of Physics early due to the veterans assembly. That made my entire MONTH.

Life is good.