An Ode to Gentlemen

Boys are stupid.
Boys are great.
Boys are weird.
Throw rocks at them.
But here is an ode to the oh so wonderful gentlemen that I know.

This is a crazy boy who I'm convinced is my long lost twin. And I act like his mother 99% of the time. People say we're in love or that we're supposed to be in love, but I disagree. I can't marry my brother sicko! We actually look quite alike in my opinion (but no one ever asks for my opinion). I thank him immensely for dealing with my controlling personality and for putting up with me for almost 5 years. He is sometimes called a womanizer (sadly by me. I'll stop one of these days...) and he gets on my nerves a lot, but I know the real him.

He is a gentleman

The next boy is someone who I've also grown close to over the past 5 years, He is a trooper like the before mentioned gentleman and has dealt with my annoyingness very well. We sit by each other often, we share some letters of names but we're never in love. He's just all around a good guy. And he shares mostly the same thoughts with me about dating and high school and such. He's definitely a friend for life. 

He is a gentleman

Although mistaken for a creeper and a guy who says unneeded awkward things, I now this guys heart is a heart of gold. Again, some people see the need for love to exist because of our unusual partnership, but I don't. I just like having fun times with him and having interesting yet hilarious conversations. I can't wait to see what next year brings with him. 

He is a gentleman

This guy was always there when I was an outcast. We share multiple things in common and most of the time have something to talk about. I've been on a date with this guy and he definitely was a gentleman. Sadly, I see less of him for more saddening reasons. Despite the fact that I see us slowly drifting apart as friends and I now feel a wedge between us,

He is a gentleman

What can I say about this guy? I feel as if I've known him since the pre-existence. Even awkward things aren't awkward around him because our whole friendship is based off of that! I used to once be in love with him (hence the awkwardness) but times have changed and the friendship is still strong. Although I wouldn't mind if he felt the same as I once did ;) There is no doubt

He is a gentleman

I wish this guy was my brother. Cause then I could live with him and have an excuse to say yams and hear all the funny things he says. And even though some people only see his funny side, I've had the pleasure to listen to his intellectual side (most of the time over facebook chat). Little does he know he has taught me so much. He doesn't think he's done anything but he's prepared me for the future with tons of success. I would be nowhere without this friend. I wish I could convert him to a pocketbook with all his...interesting advice.

He is a gentleman

This guy is freaking amazing. Some girls I know love him, but they think he's cheesy and tries to hard to appear smart. But I think it's cute :) We have the weirdest, randomest, deepest, insanest, and awesomest conversations about absolutely nothing (or sometimes the meaning of life). They mean something to me. I just hope they mean something to him. But most like this closet love will continue undiscovered. Sigh. 

He is a true gentleman

Thank you gentleman for all the lessons you've taught me and all the fun times we've had together.
Continue to be who you are and hold those doors open for ladies :)
Love ya!