Pink zebras

Ahhh. Finally. The BYU competition has arrived!

I've been waiting so, so long for this. The funny part is it's not like it's anything special. It's just our next one :)

Certain things I've done to prepare are...slightly weird. For example I got home today from the post marching band partay and I decided to try on my latin dress, just to make sure it fit. Since I haven't worn it for almost 6 months, I forgot how much I loved it and then I proceeded to wear it around the house and clean my room in it. It's pink zebra (which I somehow have a minor obsession with) and sparkly.

And then I got a tan today. Yeah yeah. LAUGH. I know it's a super easy target. Call me "fake bake" and "oompa loompa" or ask me if I knew my skin turned orange, but

Really, I don't. Cause yes, I will admit it. I secretly like getting tans.
No, I'm not an obsessive tanner. In all reality I loathe the process of getting one. But I can't deny the joy it brings me to every once in a while see my pasty white skin transform to a sun-kissed glow. It's quite amazing!

Oh dancing.
How I love you!

And I can't wait to reveal our new samba and rumba. They are SMOKIN. I'm quite in love. And needless to say those are my favorite two dances.
Samba: because it's fun. Who doesn't want to party while they dance?
Rumba: because it's slow, controlled, and yes, SPICY

Marie told Clinton and I today that we couldn't laugh tomorrow during rumba (for those non-ballroom dancers out there, a.k.a. The dance of love). She only said that because we couldn't keep a straight face while he was...uh...attempting to... "caress" my face. She told us to pretend we were in love.

Well that didn't work

So we vowed we wouldn't laugh or smile. But it's really hard. Because even though I CAN sometimes be an actor and I really DO love pretending to be in love and dance passionately, Clinton's like my brother and it was somewhat awkward. Eventually though we did it once without cracking up and she complimented us. Little did she know I just imagined another certain boys face over his. It did the trick ;)

Oooooh. Oh oh. And guess what? Craig and Brittney are coming! And I love them with all my being. I love Tia and Marie, but there is always the softest spot in my heart for my old coaches. And I can't wait to see them again!

Last amazing thing about tomorrow. Tia and Marie will be dancing Amatuer Latin. And oh baby
will that be dee-vine.

Cannot wait.