So. Much. Happiness!!

I know the BYU competition was last weekend, but it was so much freaking fun! So it deserves a post no matter how late. And since I like to make lists, here is yet another list of why it was such a marvelous day!

•I got to spend most of the day with my cousin and best friend Miss Lynnsay Ray.

•Even though Clinton and I didn't get a callback in Novice, it was so much fun and I can't until the Provo comp!

•"Um...the president of the whole relief society of the church is sitting behind us so you probably shouldn't say Jesus..."

•I saw Coach Jessica with her baby. And during a general dance, she and her husband went out to dance with him between them. Presh!

•I went to Jamba Juice and couldn't decide whether to get an original or power sized. But I felt good so said what the heck and got the power. Little did I know it was power hour and power sizes were priced as originals. SCORE!

•I saw one of my favorite people Audrey Jensen (well, formally Jensen) and we talked and I just love her to death.

•The opportunity to watch my coaches dance was the best thing of my life.

Gotta love dance