Hey y'all

And you thought we wouldn't be having one of these?

(ha that's funny because I'm a Soc major, not a Psych major.)
Oh goodness, it's late.

I'm back


Honestly. Who did you think I was, not drinking a can of Coca-Cola?

This time, Tweety is comforting me.
But not comforting my head that needs rest.

Pippy Longstocking has always been a hero of sorts for me. 

Writin dem papers at 4 in the morning and life couldn't be better

Except when you tempt me with Coke again...

I literally can't resist.
Or take my eyes off it.

Told ya.

Oh, and the purpose of these glasses is NOT to look like a hipster.

But to help me with my paper.

happy finals

P.S. this is my favorite tradition of life now. So appreciate it. And get ready for SUMMER 2014

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