Prune practices that ought to be prohibited

There exists 3 children whose parents are on a vacation.
Which means.....
Nicole is in charge.
And when Nicole is in charge, things get.....interesting. (Like really though, I'm going to be the weirdest mother in the universe someday, those poor kids....)
But really. It's Harry Potter time ALL the time; I made sure of that.

So, each night the kids wanted to watch a different Harry Potter movie in order. Did I argue? No sir.
But my little 6 year old, she only had one request. It must have kissing. She INSISTED. She wouldn't watch it unless we promised her it had kissing (good thing she fell asleep before the movie ended so my little white lie wasn't discovered....). But after her insisting this, I said to her, "A little too young to be obsessed with such nonsense, eh little miss?" Well she explained to me that she has a best friend...who is a boy....and one day she is going to kiss him and marry him. At least she's got goals, right? She's going places and has plans, which is lot better than I can say......
I told her she should probably fill her life with other things to distract her until the time comes where she is allowed to plant one on a boy, many  years from now.
AND THEN she asked me if I kissed boys.
And I was like, "Oh yeah, I kiss boys alllllllllll  the time."
And then, without missing a beat she said, "No you don't!"
She didn't believe me. Dang.
And then I was like, "Yeah, you're right. Eat your dinner."

Sad day, Jose.
I think this weekend was a gypsy foretelling parts of my future and creepily whispering them into my ear while wagging her long fingers in my face.
"Nicole, you shall have 3 childrennnnnnnnnn."
"Nicole, you shall be singlllllleeeeeeeeeeeee."
"Nicole, you will expose your children to Harry Potter every day of their liveeeeesssssssssss."

Well, at least we know one of those isn't true. Because due to magic needle voodoo and fortune telling best friends, I will have 5 children. And hopefully I will be better equipped and prepared to deal with them than I can currently care for 3 children all by myself for 5 days.

After reminiscing on my experiences last year, I found this picture and had a good chuckle.

You don't understand how true this is until you realize YOU will be the one to drive to the hospital should injuries occur. 
Come to think of it, I don't even know where the hospital is.....

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