1000 Taiwanese Proverbs

Life has a lot of irony. Like Alanis Morissette and her need for a knife when she has 10,000 spoons. Poor girl. Maybe this will cheer her up.

The point is, it was ironic that the girl from Provo, Utah roomed with the girl from Taiwan. Culture shock, right? Okay, more like a culture nuclear bomb. But yeah, I remember stalking the crap out of my future roommate and seeing all these Asian characters as statuses and just staring at them and just going WUT. But thankfully, Facebook can translate them for you at the click of a button! So I did just that and recorded all the greatest ones for your viewing pleasure and suddenly felt about life in a better way.

What are language barriers if you can't have fun with things lost in translation?

"Through the lens, we can often see that spread out of the feelings hide"

"In a two-hour hop dance crazy dance
Sequelae of foot pain is the first super super sour!"

"Someone asked me Suspenders look great where to buy
I can only embarrassed to go back ..... Taiwan ...."

"Willing to wait forever for the food in Taiwan"

"Temperament? Talk about it"

"But obviously only three postcards stuffed a bunch of people"

"Taiwan people when most United?
In the United States completely unable to find site ob 4:30 I really was too weak to get up and tragedy, obediently went back to sleep face book text relay ... My hostel filled with x-cries eight eight eight."

"It's freaking cold in Utah!! I just want my bed....."

And my personal favorite:

"I do chores in a hostel!"

We all did, hun.

Thanks for putting up with me and my staunch American views, Sharon. Remember when I ate your Asian food and had to spit it out because it tasted like a styrofoam ball covered in nuts? Or that time you gave us all Asian names? OH OH or when we skyped with your Taiwanese friends and they asked me why I didn't -have a boyfriend. That sure did boost my self-esteem, so I thank you for that.
Through all that culture sharing, I'm just glad we both shared a mutual love of good 'ole American chicken nuggets.
Even if you did eat them with a fork and knife...

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