Nicole's world: Day 1

Day one and I've already attempted to silence them.
I'm a great sitter.

It took us 3 hours and approximately 400 back and forth trips with 2 quart pitchers to fill up that sucker of a pool. BUT I TAUGHT THOSE CHILDREN PERSEVERANCE AND DEDICATION SO WHO CARES.
And it all ended in a waterfall of love.

I swam with a turtle. Deal with it.

Classic round of Monopoly. Where I technically won even though the game ended on a note of tantrums and accusations of cheating. I imagine this is somewhat how the real world will work...

Slip 'n slidin' like a boss. 
A cold, wet, boss.

I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing, NOTHING more precious than reading the first chapter of Harry Potter to 3 newcomers of the wizarding world. And then picking up a tiny, sleeping 6 year old in your arms after reading to carry her to bed. Especially after saying, "Nicole, you look like you should be in a movie because of your strawberry blond hair." 

I'll take that compliment, little miss. I'll take it with a big smile and melted heart.

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  1. Kids are the best. I don't care what a certain Vietnamese kid says.