You've only begun to shine

Welcome to my obligatory New Years post, where you get to hear all about my year of 2011!

(It's a long list, but this was a great year.)
Some memorable events included:

*I worked two jobs at the same time
*I fell in "love"
*I went to California with one of the best and my favorite Varsity ballroom team.
*I went to Prom
*I got my wisdom teeth out
*I left the club
*I became a pioneer
*I attended my last girls camp
*I got my heart broken
*I went on a boy fast
*I started taking clarinet lessons
*I celebrated 5 years since I moved
*I hiked the Y. Twice.
*I went to my second midnight premiere. and stayed there for 17 hours.
*I turned 17
*I got my braces off
*I embraced my white trash roots and enjoyed a good night of demolition derby
*I learned how to love
*I broke the rules
*I did the unexpected and took risks.
*I started my senior year
*I increased my love for clarinet
*I made it into orchestra
*I got a new dance partner
*I did the pit orchestra for Millie
*I applied to college...
*I danced
*I took on the white pants. and wore em...aaaand ripped em.
*I over came fears
*I lost my voice. Literally
*I learned about sacrifice
*I decided I wanted to be in BYU's marching band
*I was Homecoming Royalty
*I met my soulmate.
*I experienced the best season of fall marching band there EVER was.
*I went to Vegas and watched the best marching band show I've ever seen.
*I met AMAZING people and friends
*I got my Young Women's Medallion
*I went to Hawaii for one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life.
*I was on TV
*I was in multiple newspapers
*I skipped class. For reals.

Most importantly though, I found out who my true friends are. My elders always told me that it's near impossible to stay friends with the same people throughout high school. And for the most part, they've been right. But I'm glad they were wrong about some people - people like Danielle, Chase, Aubrey, Rachel, Nick, and Bao. These guys are my rocks and the ones that keep me sane. So thanks for putting up with me, because regardless of what you say, I'm a jerk and I know it. You guys rock :)

Albeit 2011 being a rather amazing and significant year in my life with me doing a lot of firsts and lasts, I am so excited for 2012. I have been awaiting this year since I was little. I never thought it would come, and here it is. This is what's going down this year:

-last nationals with my THS ballroom company
-last state band with my bandies
-last varsity tour
-last spring tour
-senior ball
-premiere of my clarinet solo :)
-the olympics!
-I turn 18
-I can vote!
-my patriarchal blessing
-DM auditions
-finally watching my DMIT children Jon and Christian take over
-senior trip?

basically I feel like 2012 is where my life begins.


  1. I hope you know, that last sentence immediately made me think of Tangled.
    "Wondering, when will my life begin?"

  2. I hope you know that I was scared people would think that's where I got it. Because its not...