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Here's what you've all been waiting for, aye?
My Pearl Harbor Project recaps!
About a month after the fact, I finally have time to sit down and collect my thoughts on everything. So here we go chilluns. Bare with me.

DAY UNO- Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

     We all met in the band room at 7:00 a.m. sharp, early that morning. Everyone was so quiet and anxious, but you could tell we were all unified in purpose. The buses arrived and we departed to the airport in Salt Lake City. Going to check in and going through security kind of took a long time, but eventually we all got through to our gate where we waited for 2 hours until loading. Once loading began, the excitement rose and we filed onto plane, finding our seats which were arranged by who we were rooming with. So I was privileged to sit by my roomies - Wendy Nelson, Hannah Johansen, and Mallory Jones. Party.
      I hadn't been on a plane since I was 10, so I was surprised and excited to find how planes have changed since then. I sat in the middle seat of the middle section so I couldn't see anything outside the window and sleeping was very difficult, but it was still enjoyable. Each seat had a TV in the back so you could watch whichever movie you wanted, listen to any music, or play any game. It was kool!
     Anyways, 6 hours later, we finally landed in the Honolulu, Hawaii airport where they gave us all REAL FLOWER LEI'S! I felt so legit. Immediately we all felt the heat and humidity, but we loved it! We then made our way to our fancy hotel that gave us delicious free cookies. We checked in to our rooms and settled in for a bit, and then we had an opportunity that I have never experienced in my 4 years of being in the band:

free time

you laugh, but it's true. Free time is something that has never been done in the Timpview Band. We were given about 4 hours that first wednesday night to roam Waikiki and do whatever our little tourist hearts so desired. So a group of us chose to find the famous "International Market". We took a few wrong turns and got lost along the way thanks to tour guide Bao, but eventually we found it in all it's international glory. The best thing about the market is that you can bargain! You have not shopped until you have bargained at the market. I wasn't the best at first, but by the end of the week, I was making deals like Let's Make A Deal. Now I get sad here in Utah when I can't bargain. Reality hurts sometimes.
Once we made our way through the salesmen, the market led us to the beach (okay, okay, we got lost. AGAIN.) and we sat in the warm water for as long as we had time for until it was time for lights out.
Let us just come to a consensus that the first day was a great start to our week :)

soooo...I know you're sick of PHP pictures, but for those of you who care, these are my favorites from day uno.

Me and Miriam showing off our tickets to Hawaii

Emileigh and I blocking the jetbridge so that we might gain evidence of our trip.

Sandwiched between too supermodels.

I love this.
I miss this.
I want this.

"We're in Hawaii" faces.
(Plus real flower lei's)

The things you might see on the streets of Waikiki

Our group on the beach.
(Fun fact: this picture was taken by a sober man)

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