For me, this is more than just a disease. It's a minor, temporary personality shift. I don't care about anything. I don't want to do anything. and hopefully it'll resolve itself after graduation. The fact, however, is that

i'm burnt out.

things that once were fun are now a tedious chore. Everything I do, except for band, I dread. and yes that includes dance. For you Dance Mom's fans out there, I feel like Brooke, except I'm not trying out for cheerleading. I just want to quit. It's not fun. I feel so horrible for saying that. I probably won't because that would be stupid and i'd be letting my team down, and I don't do that. But in all reality, I'm done. 
Mentally done. 
Emotionally done. 

I never thought I'd get to the point of not caring about anything in my life. But this is the real deal.
finishing strong is more important than ever before.
somebody give me motivation.

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