Lessons Learned

So as to not forget the numerous and important lessons I have learned today or in the past few days, I will write them down here no matter how silly. Maybe even YOU can learn something to.....

-Don't stick steaming hot broccoli into your mouth and keep it there. This results in a burnt tongue, even if you DO love broccoli

-Don't stick your favorite and only wand in your boot. You'll forget about it, change your position, and snap it in half like Ron Weasley. 

-Don't wear your favorite and only brown boots to marching band rehearsal which has turned into a muddy wonderland.

-Don't NOT do you Spanish Essay that is apparently 1/3 of your total grade. You'll regret it. I promise.

-Being in a grumpy mood doesn't help anyone

-Studying for your AP World History test is a good thing

-Check your grades more often

-Physics is hell

So you probably only need to know that last thing. No, seriously though. Remember that children.