Can't we just do it like the Muslims and throw 7 stones at a pillar?

My. Life. Is. Crazy.

Or should I say insane?

And lots of things happen to me. Some things I caused and others just happened. But everything happens because of a choice you made, right? Eh. I dunno. Either way, I'm sorry for a lot of things. And I know just typing it out isn't gonna make everything better. But...it's a start! And if anything, it's therapuetic for me.

I'm sorry for....

-hitting your car
-not cleaning my room
-not wearing my rubber bands when I should
-not helping you
-not doing my duties
-hearts that I hurt needlessly
-talking behind your back
-not having self-worth in the past
-succumbing to temptation every once in a while
-mooching off of you
-not listening in sacrament meeting
-making things REAllY awkward
-for liking you
-not writing you letters
-making the line too steep
-blaming the line problem on Clinton
-not keeping my promise to you
-not eating lunch with you
-not returning your lab coat and goggles
-judging you
.....and you
-being mean to you
....and you
-being in a bad mood all the time
-trying to take control
-not knowing your name
-freshman year
-hoping you'd quit
-ignoring you

it's not easy to repent.
But I'll make these things right.
Maybe not right away.
But little by little.
I can change