working hard or hardly working

"What was something that impressed you about last night?"

"I thought Nicole's solo was very good."

*nods and murmurs of agreement*

"You know, I've heard lots of comments about that. I don't
know what you did kiddo, but it must've been good."

"You know, you had better tone than your pardner."
yeah no kidding. 

"Why aren't you going to the school of music?"
good question. That's TBD.

thanks for that teensy bit of recognition. Not that it matters. But no kidding it was good. 9 dang months. 
Is that not good enough for you? What do I have to do to prove myself?
Is this one of those "method to my madness" situations? 
I don't even know who to put the blame on anymore. 
Absolutely not. I refuse. I'm better than that.

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