Run for your life

Nationals has been over for....some time now. Which means, my life is seemingly easy. I dropped Calculus so the only academic class I have is English. I can actually go home after school at 2:15 if I so choose. I haven't done that since, well, 8th grade. Sad. So sad.

So even though my life is just chillin at the moment, I have more time to think and ponder things. In my case though, that's not a good thing; I over analyze things. And now, I'm feeling  internal stress about the future. I feel like my life is currently in the state of an eye of a hurricane; like after 12 years of education and 4 years left, I'm only half way through. It's just about to get rough and crazy.

I'm stressed about:
1. Where I'm going to live next year.
For serials guys, this is bad (Plus, it doesn't help my housing date is DURING spring tour, possibly during the exact time we are supposed to perform). Do I go with New Heritage and no cars? Do I go with Old Heritage and possible car and the possible moving to New Heritage? Do I go with Wyview where it's far away from everything but I can use a car? Do I just live on the streets? AHHHHHH.

2. What classes I'm going to take.
American Heritage vs. Writing 150
Biology vs. Physical Science
Which dance classes?
Any suggestions? HELP!

3. What I'm going to major in.

4. Finishing government before graduation
If I hear, "What's your plan...." one more time, I will lose it.

5. Senior pictures and unimportant fluff like that.
I'm picky. Enough said.

6. Senior ball even though I haven't been asked yet.
Dresses, hair, blah blah blah.

7. Choreography night.
If my number doesn't get picked, I will be greatly sad. I will probably be offended. I will probably also get over it, but right now, this is important. I put a lot of thought, heart and soul into this.

8. And lastly, having enough time to practice
Yeah you'd think I have enough time now, but I feel so overwhelmed with notes. That time of year is fastly approaching and I still need to achieve master musician, get superiors at state solo and ensemble, and get into the BYU marching and symphonic bands.

I've always wanted to grow up, and now my time is here. But every day where I'm making more decisions for my future, I don't know if I'm more excited or more scared to death.


  1. Concerning #2:
    I would take American Heritage at the Salt Lake Center during a Spring or Summer term. Same with Physical Science. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
    And for Bio100, take from Nelson. His class is pretty chill and not overwhelming.

  2. #1. Don't do Wyview. The apartments are nice, but honestly.. Heritage is the best of both worlds. It's social, has a kitchen, and it's WAY close to campus. Even closer than Helaman. And I don't just say that because I live here.. It really is such a blast. As far as New vs. Old Heritage.. I chose Old Heritage on purpose. I could've had New but Old just has this feeling about it that is so great and home-y. And having a car is SO nice, let me just say. Definitely one of the better decisions I made. (Plus, the couches in New Heritage are SOOOOO uncomfortable. Hahaha.)

    #2. American Heritage is the worst no matter how you spin it. I'd recommend taking it Winter semester rather than Fall. It kicked my butt last semester because I just didn't know how to do college yet. Also, I've heard that Honors American Heritage is FAR easier. And I think it really is. I'm in WRTG 150 Honors right now and it's an amazing class. I love my teacher (Rebecca Clarke).

    And #4. I finished two terms of Financial Lit and two terms of Government in 5 days. I just took all of Spring Break. And that was also the week I got hired at PBR, so I was doing training as well. Totally procrastinatable. Haha.

    We really must do cupcakes and talk about college and stuff.

  3. Em wouldn't you have to drive to SLC though?

    McKann, Wyview is my last choice, but with my housing date, it's looking as though I might not even get OLD Heritage. But I will have a car so maybe Wyview is better? And I probably am taking American Heritage winter just for that very reason, and for the Honors thing, I've also heard the same so that's still being decided. And as for government.....yeah. It'll happen :)
    But seriously, if I don't get sugar with you SOON, I might die.