To semi quote one of my favorite bands Earth, Wind, and Earth: "Do you remember the very first night of September?". Okay okay. I know there could possibly be an even bigger Earth, Wind, and Fire fan out there saying, "Nicole, that is NOT how the song goes. If you had any sense you'd know they were specifically talking about the twenty-first night of September!". Yeah well I say whatever. It's a free country buster. And anyways, who cares about the 21st when the 1st was even better? And plus there is no other song that talks about the 1st. And I will always remember that day. Kevin went into the MTC. And now all those imaginary readers are tearing up and reaching for tissues. But you know what? I'm not :) I'm proud of my big brother. Yes, in the days to come I might realize exactly what I've lost and become crazy emotional. But right now, life's just gooooood. It's just weird. He's gone. GONE!
Kevin a.k.a. Gimpy is serving the Lord, which was something I never expected to happen. He had strokes and brain bleeds since he was 2 and has almost died (yes I know typical sob story). But this is different because I'm not sad. Just beaming with sisterly pride :D

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