Everybody clap your hands!

As you all may know, ballroom went on a little tour. In case you missed it or are jealous you didn't get to partake, or even if you did go and just want to remind yourself of the good times, read on my friend.

Most of these events occured on Bus 2 a.k.a the party bus.
Things we've learned on ballroom tour:

-Old people will love you no matter what (except see bullet immediately below)

-Old people don't like skanky teenagers, so don't be one

-Middle schoolers on the other hand are not as easily pleased, so you have to be skanky

-Don't trust non-smoking rooms at Super 8's

-Don't leave your keys trapped IN the "non-smoking" room

-JV girls are very gullible
-Smoking kills

-If you're playing footsies with someone on the bus (*cough* Vanessa), you WILL get stuck

-St. George is NOT Idaho so don't wear sweats

-Some coaches care if you jump on the hotel beds. Our coaches however do not

-If you have a box of giant chocolate chip cookies and you want to keep some for yourself, don't hold them out openly

-Don't believe JV boys when they say there is something wrong with their bathroom. They'll lock you in.

-As Nicole said, polygamists do indeed visit St. George often and are a familiar sight

-Keeping on the same idea as the point listed above, Nicole is 98% of the time always right

-You only get stuck behind a slow car when your in a hurry
-Mini golf is ten bajillion times more fun when you don't care about scores. Or when you use your hands, feet, and mouth. Just don't throw your ball in the water.

-Cheating is a relative term. I like to call it strategizing. So it's okay if you "cheat" at little kids arcade games. They're asking for it.