You've gotta take it on your own from here

Wanna know what makes Nicole the happiest or close to it?

When "little" band children run up to you after the Pillow Concert and hug you to death and tell you they love you and miss you. It makes me think that they actually liked  me. And it's the only time I willingly give out genuine hugs and "I love you"s.

It's the moments like this that make me miss it (except you probably don't believe me because I say that every other day). But it's for reals this time.
Not to mention that this video gets me close to tears everytime.
Good stuff right thur.

Oh how I would give anything to go back and be their drum major again. Just once more.

But what else is new?

Well I'll tell you what's new.
This derp Nicole face:

Just kidding.
That isn't new at all.
Oh well

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