Hometown glory

Sooooo, I'm all moved in.
I've been here almost 2 weeks and I'm gettin in the swing of things.
I went on a date last night and didn't have to come home at any certain time.
Having no curfew is supes awesome.
People don't like the fact that I'm from Provo. 
We have WAY too much food and things.
The roommates are way cool. And here's the rundown:

Sharon is super funny and we love her - Asian food and all. Every day when I come home from class, she is always skyping another new Asian friend for me to meet. The language barrier makes our situation 10 times funnier and I think this is gonna work out well.

Lauren is an Oregonian. Nuff said. She plays the uke and the melodica. She'll be my new DI and thrift store shopping buddy and she was willing to dress up in outlandish clothes a couple nights ago and walk around the dorms where we then met our next door neighbors. Mission accomplished. We already have late night talks and we believe ourselves to be hilarious.

Emma is super sweet and a riot. She got stung by a bee when getting the mail for our apartment, and then I laughed. Sorry, Emma. But that's how awesome she is.

Kahlie is also very sweet. We haven't talk much but I can tell she's really funny too.

Shannon keeps on saying, "you are guys are sooooo cool. I just want to be like you." everytime Lauren and I do something crazy. She has sweet taste in music and I feel some pretty outrageous adventures coming up with her.

My classes are interesting and fairly easy so far. I just currently love life and I know this is going to be a good year.

Lauren and I all ready for our hot date.

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