Say it ain't so. I will not go.

Some things I have been thinking about lately:

Ok, I guess I first need to clarify that I am okay with change. My dad was in the Air Force for 20 years. I know how to move and adjust to different situations. But now that our family is (for the most part) pretty stable, I don't like it!

This thought was mainly triggered by the amount of people that have come in...and then out of my life. I have had the opportunity to meet soooo many amazing people. And I always take them for granted! I never realize how much I needed them until the days of them leaving come upon me. 

Take this creepy example:
Our band student teacher, Ms. Norling. A.K.A. M&N, Ethel, Emileigh (when we feel rebellious) and brownies (when Nick feels rude) Dude, is she cool. I wish I was her age so we could be besties (and that's saying something, since I never EVER use the word "besties"). She is super funny and cool and plays clarinet and has mad skills and all that jazz. She may or may not spill literal or figurative juice in 6th period Independent Music Study. Wouldn't you like to know? Well, what happens in that room, stays in that room. Sorry. It's not like I stalk her or anything....haha she's probably so creeped out by me. Anyways, I just found out that this is her last week with us student teaching :( Sad day, Jose! And then, once she leaves....POOF! I'll only see her during Pearl Harbor meetings and pass offs and possibly summer band (maybe?). I wish she was our woodwind instructor.....Yeah, you could say my heart is sad. 

Second slightly less creepy but still creepy example:
Tia and Marie. 
Our ballroom coaches
I heart them. a lot.
And I thought I wouldn't like the change from our old ones Craig and Brittney to Tia and Marie. But I've loved every moment of it. And now Marie is having freaking TWIN GIRLS! She's like living my dream life. Lucky. I'm so excited for them! But alas, the babies also brings new coaches yet to be decided. We're all in limbo and I do not like it. 

In general: missionaries. 
In specific: my DM missionaries a.k.a. Jon, Ryan, and especially Shane.
As Drum Major Auditions come upon us, I realize how close Bao and I actually are to stepping up on the literal and figurative podium (heheh I'm pretty clever). It's scary. And now it's scarier when I think I won't have Shane to help. Yeah, I'm pretty selfish when we get down to it. So I'd like to have a pocket book Shane to help me through these soon to be rough and exciting times. Soon David will leave me too......gah! These are the times I'm glad Zach isn't a member....because I'm selfish!

So moral of the story is, change is good. If you embrace it that is. Sometimes you just gotta let go of people. Because you don't own them and they don't belong to you! So stop touching them!

We have no idea what we're doing.

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