I'm a size 7

Today at work I tell my colleagues that I will not be buying food on account that I am saving up to buy Keds. And they proceed to ask, "What are Keds?"


So I began to explain what they were and why they are awesome. And my 17 year old friend, Spencer stupidly (but I still love him) said, "They sound like Vans knock offs."

oh contraire.

I did my research.
Keds were first made in 1917
Vans were first made in 1966
So technically you could say Vans are knock offs of Keds. But it's ok Vans, I still love you.

Keds are kooler. I want them. I want them bad.

And if you loved me, you'd buy me some of these:

Basic white because mine are not white anymore and they are ripping. But they are oh so comfy

I must have these because they are freaking adorable. I mean seriously, can you resist these?

and omgosh aren't these just presh?

Hello my name is Nicole Hopkinson and I like metallic sparkly shoes.

I've pretty much already decided I'm buying these. So don't be too jealous.

And these will be bought in the VERY near future. But you're always welcome to donate them to my zebra clothes fund.

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  1. love keds :) I've been meaning to buy a pair for a while.