You've got a real flair with excuses

Some thoughts....

#Would YOU please stop treating me like a child
oh and stop being such a hypocrite
I don't care for hypocrites, thanks

#That peaches and cream tortilla was fantastically horrible tasting

#Sweethearts was so much fun :)

#I desperately want it to be April 22 (a.k.a. Prom) Crossing my fingers I'll get asked

#free songs on iTunes was the greatest intervetion ever

#Is it bad I actually want to lose my voice completely? Mostly cuz I would like to bring a whiteboard to school and write everything on it :)

#We compete medleys for the first time this week. WHOA.

#It'd be nice if I made it to state in something

#please come to the joint concert with BYU and Provo and Timpview's top band on Thursday! Twill be...interesting but awesome!

#Good thing I chose plaid and not lace.

#Sorry I must acknowledge this again: HYPOCRITE

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