I hope that fish is Swedish. Or Australian.

I’ve been thinking lately
Yeah, haven't we all?

I am truly amazed on how love just is.

Think about it:

Two people, coming from two totally different backgrounds.
They find each other.
                     They love each other.
                                     They marry each other.


And to me, the most awing (spelling? eh, don't care) part is that they like each other, at the same time!
*cue surfer dude voice*

No but seriously. Just the fact that those two random people can find each other, love each other at the same time and decide that out of the population of the whole freaking Earth, God meant for them to get hitched is just mind blowing.

That intimidates me. Of course that brings into play the saying of fish and the sea and such. So obviously there just has to be one perfect fishy for me. But out of 5 bajillion people, how does one go about finding them? But that's actually the easy part if you think about it.

I just love the fact that all we have to do is rely on Heavenly Father. He knows that one guy whom I will marry.
Guys, he knows!
So no worries!
The Gospel is true!

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