hustle, bustle, and so much muscle

Spring break was nice. Soooo nice.

-I finished EHS like a boss. Wasn't even that hard or stressful. Pwned.
-Practiced altissimo and even got a bit better.
-Mom, the Grandma and I got pedicures. Russian Navy is my color baby.
-We then rode Trax to the City Creek Center and had a blast. We shopped in true Shopkinson fashion and may or may have not spent a little bit more money than normal in my new favorite store full of bright colors to buy the perfect clothes for my senior pictures. Call me vain. dare ya.
-I spent quality time with my cuz, Kylie, pretending to go to UVU just to get a free t-shirt and watched my hilarious Uncle Mike make a fool of himself.
-I went shopping at DI with Aubs and we ate cupcakes and belted out some Adele at the gas station and pretended to be EFY counselors in Hawaii. We also are currently on round 85 of Draw Something. Beat that. Miss that girl and our quality time. Anxiously anticipating The Vow next week, hon!
-My brother turned 24 (GASP!), my little man Jonesie turned 12 and got ordained (WTF?) and my baby girl Clarice turned 5 and gained an attitude comparable to Makenzie on Toddlers and Tiaras.
[P.S. Jonesie is going into middle school next year and chose his electives. HE CHOSE BAND! Ha I'm so proud of the little dude. He's so awkward and it's perfect he's maybe following my path into musicdom. He probably won't keep with it but I can secretly hope he does, right?]

this next week
brings Choreography night. So pumped for that little gem of a concert. It's Thursday for any of you who care. Tickets are cheap - only $2. It is something not to be missed.

last Timpview Band Concert. Evar. I might just cry.


Drum Major auditions.
Holy crap batman. This can't be happening. Two little sophomores lives will be changed on Thursday. Can't wait for that moment :)

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